XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent


Xtraice was founded with the mission to develop the world's best artificial ice product.

Shortly after our founding in 2003, Xtraice INVESTED plenty of time and resources in researching and developing original and revolutionary products. We brought the best chemical scientists and the best materials, as well as sports professionals together to create the best and most unique artificial ice rinks. 

Our artificial ice is made with the highest quality materials, therefore we create and produce the most durable, ecological ice-like product on the market.

Wherever you want to create your Xtraice project, we can manufacture, sell , rent and deliver anywhere in the world. Our team has experience working with over 75 different countries’ customs requirements and installing in even the busiest and narrowest of quarters.

Xtraice ice rinks are available worldwide, we ship and deliver where needed whether you want to purchase or rent. Our team has experience working with over 85 different countries including customs requirements and installation in even the busiest and narrowest of quarters.

With this technology, Xtraice can offer two different types of artificial ice panels to better suit your purpose: Xtraice Pro and Xtraice Lite.
Every Xtraice artificial ice panel comes with a unique serial number certifying its origin and quality. All of our products are subjected to the strictest quality controls.

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