XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
<div>Alberto Sandino</div><div>Technical Dept. <br>Manager</div>
Alberto Sandino
Technical Dept.
Pablo Pérez<br>Sales Manager
Pablo Pérez
Sales Manager
Rosa Mapelli<br>Marketing Dept.
Rosa Mapelli
Marketing Dept.
Salvador Dorado<br>Marketing Dept.
Salvador Dorado
Marketing Dept.
José Calcatierra<div>Warehouse Dept. <br>Manager</div>
José Calcatierra
Warehouse Dept.
<div>Hikari Teranishi</div><div>Sales Team</div>
Hikari Teranishi
Sales Team
<div>Stanislava Stepánova</div><div>Sales Team</div>
Stanislava Stepánova
Sales Team
<div>Massimiliano Curcio<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Massimiliano Curcio
Sales Team
<div>Pablo Ortiz<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Pablo Ortiz
Sales Team
<div>Tono Elías<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Tono Elías
Sales Team
<div>Paul Guzmán<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Paul Guzmán
Sales Team
<div>Artur Wierciński<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Artur Wierciński
Sales Team
<div>Pablo Águila<br></div><div>Sales Team</div>
Pablo Águila
Sales Team
Giorgia Donega<div>Sales Team</div>
Giorgia Donega
Sales Team
<div>Pedro Murillo<br></div><div>Technical Dept.</div>
Pedro Murillo
Technical Dept.
<div>Manuel Ruiz<br></div><div>Technical Dept.</div>
Manuel Ruiz
Technical Dept.
<div>Mario Coronado<br></div><div>Technical Dept.</div>
Mario Coronado
Technical Dept.
Adrián Ortiz<br>C.E.O.<br>
Adrián Ortiz
Ana Murillo<br>Financial Dept. <br>Manager<br>
Ana Murillo
Financial Dept.
Reyes González<br>Marketing Manager
Reyes González
Marketing Manager
Fran Gutiérrez<div>Quality Manager</div>
Fran Gutiérrez
Quality Manager
Óscar Pérez<br>Transport Manager
Óscar Pérez
Transport Manager
Agnieszka Mocek<br>Sales Team
Agnieszka Mocek
Sales Team
Alaa Abdul-Rahim<br><div>Sales Team</div>
Alaa Abdul-Rahim
Sales Team
<div>Jerome Laurent</div>Sales Team
Jerome Laurent
Sales Team
<div>Karin Schwarz</div><div>Sales Team</div>
Karin Schwarz
Sales Team
Pietro Ranci<div>Sales Team</div>
Pietro Ranci
Sales Team
<div>Othmane Benjelloun</div><div>Sales Team</div>
Othmane Benjelloun
Sales Team
Sandra Sánchez<div>Sales Team</div>
Sandra Sánchez
Sales Team
Arina Volkova<div>Sales Team</div>
Arina Volkova
Sales Team
Fabian Zwaan<div>Sales Team</div>
Fabian Zwaan
Sales Team
<div>Alejandro Arregui</div><div>Technical Dept.</div>
Alejandro Arregui
Technical Dept.
<div>Alejandro Orellana</div><div>Technical Dept.</div>
Alejandro Orellana
Technical Dept.
Julián Cano<br>Technical Dept.
Julián Cano
Technical Dept.
Gabriel Torres<br>Technical Dept.
Gabriel Torres
Technical Dept.
David Juhel<br>Sales Manager
David Juhel
Sales Manager
Alba Díaz<br>Administration
Alba Díaz
Jesús Alarcón<br>Financial Dept.
Jesús Alarcón
Financial Dept.
<div>Ángel Macías</div><div>Engineering <br>Manager</div>
Ángel Macías
<div>Anna Gavrilova</div>Sales Team
Anna Gavrilova
Sales Team
<div>João Sobreira</div><div>Sales Team</div>
João Sobreira
Sales Team
<div>Kevin Whalen</div><div>Sales Team</div>
Kevin Whalen
Sales Team
Nicolas Creis<br>Sales Team
Nicolas Creis
Sales Team
Randy Scharberg<br>Sales Team
Randy Scharberg
Sales Team
Trevor Lindros<br>Sales Team
Trevor Lindros
Sales Team
Marta Amaral<div>Sales Team</div>
Marta Amaral
Sales Team
Marcus Mens<div>Sales Team</div>
Marcus Mens
Sales Team
Gábor Gömöri<div>Sales Team</div>
Gábor Gömöri
Sales Team
Fran Nogales<br>Technical Dept.
Fran Nogales
Technical Dept.
David Gaddis<br>Technical Dept.
David Gaddis
Technical Dept.
Jose Antonio López<br>Technical Dept.
Jose Antonio López
Technical Dept.
Jose Antonio Aranda<br>Technical Dept.
Jose Antonio Aranda
Technical Dept.


We are Xtraice.

Established in 2003, Xtraice has changed the way the world looks and thinks about synthetic ice. We are the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of ecological ice thanks to a our focus on continuous innovation and our versatile team with experience in ice sports, international business/sales, and the entertainment industry. We concentrate our efforts on providing a new generation of synthetic ice rinks that maintain the best gliding conditions year after year. Our focus on product quality and environmental protection has been recognized by some of the most prestigious brands worldwide.

Our synthetic ice not only ranks at the top in terms of quality, its unique properties take it above and beyond the average, creating the world’s first ecological ice.

Now, the rules have changed.


Xtraice is the result of the powerful collaboration amongst professionals from various fields, including the highest level of plastic materials engineers and researchers. We work diligently as a team to continue improving our products year after year. This is the Xtraice revolution.