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Xtraice installs a rink at the Winter Classic

Xtraice installs a rink at the Winter Classic

As part of an ongoing cooperation with the Detroit Red Wings organization, Xtraice was part of the week long festivities leading up to the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor over the New Year.

Prior to the Winter Classic game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, the Red Wings organization arranged the Hockeytown Winter Festival in downtown Detroit in front of Comerica Park.  The festivities included numerous fun and exciting events for fans such as autograph sessions with hockey legends, photo ops with the Stanley Cup, and an Xtraice rink.  
The event hosted thousands of people over the week and a lot of media attention.  The Xtraice ecological rink, located at the Coke Zero Fan Zone, with the embedded 'Hockeytown' Red Wings logo on the ice was a massive success, allowing the fans to truly partake in the event by braving the sub zero temps and skating with family and friends in a fun and electric atmosphere.
The event took place from the Dec. 27th - Dec. 31st and marked the true versatility of our synthetic ice rinks.  Our superior technology and commitment to quality is reinforced by our continuing relationships with leading brands around the world.
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