XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Xtraice Home in Brookline, MA. USA.

Xtraice Home in Brookline, MA. USA.

Xtraice has just installed a new Xtraice Home ice rink in Brookline, MA. USA.

After having the best professional ice rinks in Disney or in NHL teams installations Xtraice offers Xtraice Home Ice Rinks, built with Xtraice Lite panels, for a easier handling at your own home.

Now you can play and train in an expandable ice rink that can fit to your needs depending on the area you have.

Xtraice Lite panels have been specially engineered to achieve the best performance at home. They are selflubricated, providing the best gliding level ever. Our secret is a protector and lubricant specifically engineered by the Xtraice Lab.

The lubricant is located inside the synthetic ice panels and is gradually released to the surface throughout their lifespan. This way the synthetic ice rink maintains its optimal gliding characteristics, preserving the value of your investment.

As the recente owner of this Xtraice Home ice rinkk says, "It's like having a piece of Alaska at your home".