XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
<h2>Gently used ice rinks on sale!</h2>

Gently used ice rinks on sale!

Gently used ice rinks are now available for purchase. The busy Christmas period sees many of our rinks rented out over the holidays. Xtraice has now decided to put these second hand rinks on sale, offering a great deal to our customers.  

If you have been considering an Xtraice rink, now is the time to buy!  Our semi-new synthetic ice rinks still come with the same premium quality and of course the 12 year guaranteed warranty. The particular rinks available have only been used from a few days up to 1 month and are in great condition.

This is the perfect opportunity to own the leading synthetic ice manufacturers rink at a great price.  However, due to the limited supply and overwhelming interest we encourage you to contact us now to buy your used ice rink.  

Xtraice looks forward to helping you build a successful and profitable business. GREAT DEALS ABOUND WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!