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<h3>Xtraice installs a new synthetic ice rink in the Italian Alps</h3>

Xtraice installs a new synthetic ice rink in the Italian Alps

The most historic and luxury hotel in the Eastern Alps has chosen Xtraice as the best supplier of  synthetic ice rinks. Thus, this installation becomes the third synthetic ice rink set up by Xtraice in the foothills of the Alps.

Unfortunately, during the past Christmas season the region has seen less snow, and just for this reason, the hotel decided to chose the ecological ice as the best solution to offer their  clients. The view from the rink is gorgeous considering the proximity to the ski resorts, natural parks and the city center.

The 100m2 synthetic ice rink belongs to the latest version and offering the top gliding conditions. Furthermore, the hotel also chose to put a light system to offer ice skating also under the moonlight; an excellent opportunity to enjoy skating on one of the most fascinating places in northern Italy.

Thus, customers can enjoy the rink by having a hot drink after a day of skiing, and skating, without the worry of a lack of snow. 

The openning of the Xtraice rink was last December 22nd and will remain open until the end of April 2015, when the winter season ends.