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<h2>Xtraice organize a Hockey Master Class in Belarus</h2>

Xtraice organize a Hockey Master Class in Belarus

The topic of the event was chosen to be “Innovations in hockey industry”. The Hockey master class will be held in Belarus, Horki on August 21-28th. 

A lot of Belorussian hockey schools will come to take part in the master class. The official sponsor of the happening is Xtraice, manufacturers ecological ice.

Xtraice will install a 60m2 synthetic ice rink at the event, so that young hockey-players would get the opportunity to try the surface of our ecological ice, which is especially effective for the training process.

The master class is given by Evgeniy Solomonov, top-ranked forward of HK “Gomel” ice hockey team. Visiting the event is a perfect opportunity to get to know the secrets and insights of a professional hockey player, update yourself about hockey industry news and try out the Xtraice synthetic ice surface, being acknowledged for its unique ice-like response.