XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
 What about buying pre-owned Xtraice ice rinks?

What about buying pre-owned Xtraice ice rinks?

Are you looking for synthetic and ecological ice rinks with a great deal? XTRAICE is now offering this great opportunity for pre-owned rinks to be purchased. 

If you are a value seeker then this is your opportunity! We are now selling synthetic ice rinks that has been used for a really short time which is cheaper than new ones but with the same premium quality. These panels has only been used in exhibitions or just for a few weeks during last the Christmas holidays. 

This unique opportunity allows you to get a premium quality product provided by XTRAICE, the only company having TÜV ISO 9001 Quality and 14001 Environmental Certification, with the same period of warranty. 

Unmissable Deal!