Xtraice will visit Indonesia, Russia and Orlando (USA) during October and November

A small ice rink will be the highlight in the Xtraice booth at the different trade shows that we are attending in the coming weeks. 

Xtraice will be in Amsterdan this September, at the IAAPA EAS Show

We will be exhibiting an 18m2 ice rink at the Xtraice booth.  We are previous IAAPA winners of 'The Most Innovate Product' award and have been attending for many consecutive years. 

Xtraice organize a Hockey Master Class in Belarus

The topic of the event was chosen to be “Innovations in hockey industry”. The Hockey master class will be held in Belarus, Horki on August 21-28th. 

Xtraice will exhibit a synthetic ice rink in Michigan

The installation of a 36' x 20' (65 m2) rink, from July 24th-26th, will operate as a showcase for people who want to test our Xtraice synthetic surface.

A famous theatre in Milan has installed an Xtraice rink as an exclusive offer to its customers

Italy continues  to increase the amount of Xtraice installations, after a theatre complex in Milan has set up a new rink for the summer of 2014.

Xtraice and Nestea have started a campaign to bring ice skating to the French beaches

Ice skating during the summer? Xtraice and the international brand of drinks, Nestea have been installing a portable ice rink in different coastal areas around France.
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Logo Theme Park
Moscow (Russia)
October 24th-26th

Xtraice at IAAPA Show

Orlando (USA)
November 18th-21st