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What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice is a technical surface that allows you to skate with regular ice skates just like those used on conventional ice rinks. This ice, made up of interconnected panels offers the same gliding sensation as conventional ice, but with lower maintenance costs and higher durability guaranteed.

Book your ice rink for Christmas in advance!

Are you thinking about renting an ice rink for Christmas period? It’s the best time now! In Xtraice, we are already working for Christmas period. Our synthetic ice offers you an unique opportunity because you can skate on it in different weather conditions - raining or snowing.

Inaugurated new showroom in Cambridge, United Kingdom

We’ve just opened a new site in Europe where you’ll be able to see our product at its best. Panels, barriers, gliding... all available to see in a 36m2 area.


Why is ice skating good for children?

If you don’t know which extracurricular activity is most beneficial for children, or what sport they should play, let us show you the opportunities that synthetic ice skating can offer.


Find out how long does synthetic ice last.

Do you have a synthetic ice rink? or Have you thought of buying one? Besides of the many advantages that synthetic ice rinks have, their life-span is one of them.


Gently used ice rinks on sale!

Gently used ice rinks are now available for purchase. The busy Christmas period sees many of our rinks rented out over the holidays. Xtraice has now decided to put these second hand rinks on sale, offering a great deal to our customers.  
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