XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent


Why is ice skating good for children?

If you don’t know which extracurricular activity is most beneficial for children, or what sport they should play, let us show you the opportunities that synthetic ice skating can offer.


Find out how long does synthetic ice last.

Do you have a synthetic ice rink? or Have you thought of buying one? Besides of the many advantages that synthetic ice rinks have, their life-span is one of them.


Gently used ice rinks on sale!

Gently used ice rinks are now available for purchase. The busy Christmas period sees many of our rinks rented out over the holidays. Xtraice has now decided to put these second hand rinks on sale, offering a great deal to our customers.  

Advantages of Synthetic Ice Rinks For a Ski Resort

Have you thought about how to increase profits of your ski resort without increasing the price of the lift tickets? Attract more people and get your regular customers to spend more at your ski hill.

Xtraice reached an annual revenue of 8 million euro

The Sevillian Company has ended its financial year with a 2 million euro EBITDA and expects to have a 10 million turnover in 2018.

Bowling VS Curling

Both sports are practiced by millions of people around the world whether it is professionally or as amateurs or as an alternative to the entertainment array that is offered in many leisure centers.
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