XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent


Interactive ice rinks, do you dare?

Yes? Without further adieu we present the Xtraice interactive rinks. Albert Einstein once said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Employing the same logic, Xtraice has launched a progressive idea to revolutionalize the synthetic ice industry. 

Book your ice rink for Christmas in advance!

Are you thinking about renting an ice rink for Christmas period? It’s the best time now! In Xtraice, we are already working for Christmas period. Our synthetic ice offers you an unique opportunity because you can skate on it in different weather conditions - raining or snowing.

Bauer´s synthetic ice? Xtraice!

Bauer, ice hockey´s brand, par excellence, has opted for an Xtraice synthetic ice rink in both of it´s new Bauer “Own The Moment” stores. 

Ice skating during the summer? Now this is possible with Xtraice!

Xtraice synthetic ice rinks allow skating on ice during the whole year, an alternative entertainment offering of your hotel or better yet, summer camps.

A Business Plan for your rink. How long does it take to recover my investment?

Though there are many questions when studying the viability of rink purchase, chief among them are “Will it be profitbale?,” How long will it take me to turn a profit?”
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20-22 September 2016