XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent


Book your ice rink for Christmas in advance!

Are you thinking about renting an ice rink for Christmas period? It’s the best time now! In Xtraice, we are already working for Christmas period. Our synthetic ice offers you an unique opportunity because you can skate on it in different weather conditions - raining or snowing.

Coimbra Shopping Center (Portugal) hosts an Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rink.

Xtraice had the chance to set up a synthetic ice rink in Coimbra Shopping (Portugal), one of the most important shopping malls in Portugal’s central region.


Why is a Mall a great place to set a Synthetic Ice Rink up?

Visiting a Mall goes beyond mere shopping. What makes people buy and come back is the feeling they get from their overall experience at the place. Having fashion shops, good restaurants and cinemas sounds attractive, however people are always expecting more, what they want is to be amazed with an original idea. What’s better than a synthetic ice rink?

The Caribbean, new home for an Xtraice’s synthetic ice rink

This time, the company’s team traveled to the region of Charaguamas, Trinidad and Tobago to set up a synthetic ice rink in a waterpark located in the island.


Xtraice sets up its fourth synthetic ice rink in Algeria.

Xtraice installed a synthetic ice rink in Algeria’s northern city Oran, a marvelous place located in the Mediterranean coast. 

Xtraice, present at the Go Beyond Challenge in Chicago.

On May 4th,2017 Xtraice attended a memorable evening at the Sheraton Grand Chicago as the hotel hosted the ¨Go Beyond Challenge¨ to support the Inner City Education Program.
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