XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Synthetic ice rinks for sale

Synthetic ice rinks for sale

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PURCHASE A SYNTHETIC ICE RINK and launch a year round entertainment business now!

Xtraice offers synthetic ice rinks for sale with multiple business opportunities as well as customized ice rinks, which are always adapted to each client’s needs, so there will never be two identical rinks. We value all of our customers equally while providing full turnkey operations suited to each client's vision.

Furthermore, in addition to sales, Xtraice also offers a global service, starting from the creation of the draft project to the final start-up, always advising the client under the experience of having installed over 1,000 rinks at the most complex and far off locations.

Our turnkey options ensure we provide an all-encompassing service making your rink a success from the beginning.  We also provide several exclusive services made possible by our wide range of leading technical experts and professionals. 

The accessories and services we offer grant you the opportunity to gain additional high revenue incomes through ticketing, merchandising, barrier advertising, skating lessons or by the rental of such items like skating aids, hockey sticks, curling and other clever ways to make your business a success. 
However, if you are considering to use your rink just for a short time, like Christmas, events or during the summer, do not forget that Xtraice also offers the possibility to rent synthetic ice rinks for any time of year.

Do not be fooled by cheap prices and tricky offers. Invest in a proven and trusted product!