XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Xtraice hockey rinks for training centers

Xtraice hockey rinks for training centers

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NHL teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Florida Panthers agree that the Xtraice synthetic ice is the “closest thing to real ice on the market,” after using Xtraice for training facilities and fan events.

Hockey training requires realistic conditions and Xtraice's glide factor, stopping resistance, and edge-control, meet the needs of even the most demanding professionals.  

Hockey players know that ice time is a precious commodity. Unfortunately, exorbitant prices and busy schedules at ice rinks mean that practicing skills can be difficult or impossible. Xtraice revolutionizes hockey training by delivering synthetic ice that allows you to train seriously and develop the skills necessary to get to the next level.  

Xtraice line-embedding technology and logo insertion techniques even allows you to create hockey rinks with the lines you need and the look you want.

Throughout North America, hockey players and training facilities are choosing Xtraice to get the ice time they sorely need to advance in an ever more competitive sport where skills training is essential. 

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