XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Rent a synthetic ice rink

Rent a synthetic ice rink

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Xtraice is the perfect solution if you want to rent an ice rink for different occasions: Christmas, events or even for summer holidays.

Rent your Xtraice synthetic ice rink and operate it when you think it is going to be most profitable. For example, a lot of clients decide to rent an ice rink for Christmas in order to give more life to the main square in the city, already decorated with Christmas markets or lights and sounds.

Also, another of the most popular options is the rental of ice rinks for events with a special and outstanding staging. Companies like Audi, MAC Cosmetics or Nestea have already used Xtraice rinks to promote their brands with unique and different events.

The options are many. Another one, really claimed, is to rent ice rinks for the summer, offering an alternative activity to young people, whom always respond favorably to the possibility of ice skating during summer time.

Can you think of other rental option? All of them are possible! Remember that you can multiply your investment with tickets, games and merchandising.