XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rinks for shopping malls

Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rinks for shopping malls

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Shopping Malls have long been a favored spot to install our synthetic ice rinks.  Installing a ice rink in a shopping mall is fundamentally a sound and profitable idea since malls are already attracting a consumer base of people that are prepared to spend their disposable income.  

On the other hand, our ice rink offers shopping malls a unique attraction in which to attract new clientele and increase footfall.  These two synergistic revenue streams has helped propel our clients to recover investments in periods as short as 8 months and since our rinks do not require electricity, water or machinery and come with a 12 year warranty, have proven to be extremely profitable ventures.   Find out why an ice skating rink in your mall could be the difference! 

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