XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent
Buy your backyard ice rink

Buy your backyard ice rink

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After international success building large commercial rinks for Disneyland Paris and NHL teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Florida Panthers, Xtraice turned its attention to hockey and figure skating enthusiasts worldwide by introducing Xtraice LITE. Turn any spare space in your home into an ice skating rink, where you can train and play year-round.

Hockey players and figure skaters know that ice time is a precious commodity.  Exorbitant rental prices and busy schedules at ice rinks mean that practicing skills can be difficult or impossible.  Xtraice LITE means you can practice your skating, stickhandling, shooting and even goalie training without leaving the house.  Get to your practices and competitions with top-notch skills, honed on a daily basis.

Easily assembled by joining modular panels of Xtraice, you can take advantage of seasonal spaces such as pools and tennis courts or turn seldom used spaces in your backyard or garage into training areas. No space is too small or too large and no climate is too hot or cold.

Contact our sales team today and start sharpening those skills!