XTRAICE Synthetic ice rinks for sale & Rent


Our Xtraice ice rinks are an attractive and profitable asset.

Youngsters and adults find ice skating  a fun and healthy way to spend their time. They will certainly feel drawn to try it out. With an attraction like a synthetic ice rink you will not only offer them a good time but an experience they will never forget.

At Xtraice we are conscious about the environment and all our products are eco-friendly, they are 100% recyclable and help reduce carbon emissions when used instead of traditional ice rinks. Moreover, synthetic ice installation and upkeep do not require any energy sources. All of this, will attract the on- growing audience of people who are concerned about the planet.

Xtraice's synthetic ice panels are adaptable, this means we can adjust them to the dimensions required to meet your needs. When a project comes to an end, you can pack the panels up and store them or move them to a new location so that you can set up a new project.

With Xtrace, you will find that your operating costs will not or very slightly increase for there is no need to use electricity, water or fuel. No skilled labour is required either.
Using the dasher boards surrounding the rink as an advertising or sponsorship tool, will also have a strong impact on your profits.

Xtraice panels can last up to 20 years and can be used all year long, you can be sure that the return on investment is guaranteed as well.

Get started by designing your synthetic ice solution!